Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring break sucks

Law Student 1:spring break really sucks so far
Law Student 2: ummm....yea....
Law Student 2: tell me about it
Law Student 1: well, all i've done is try to work on school stuff, i've bareley even gone out, not to mention the fact that i had to stand outside int he cold for 4 hours on satudrday just for an excuse to march 4 blocks, and then i fogot that i threw some fish away, so my trash can started smelling realy bad, so i tried to take it out and when i was going i fel down the steps and tore the bottom out of my pants, and then i was going to the grocery store and a little puppy ran out in front of my car and i ran over him, and the i got out to see if he was ok and i could tell that he was injured bad and was in a whole lot of pain and i felt so bad that i decided it would just be better to put the little guy out of his misrery so i got back in the car and rolled over him a couple more time, and i felt horrible and it was bad enough, but it turned out that i was right in front of an elementary school and all the kiddies were at recess and they all saw me hit the puppy and watched as i backed ove him and they were all white-faced and crying and one little girl with pig tails asked me why the world was such a terrible place and said she had just lost her faith in the existence of god, so then i went to the bar and i got a phone call that my grandma had died in a plane crash and the circumstances of her death were a mystery and my mom said it was the worst day of her life and that she was so depressed she was going to drink herself to death and the worst part of it for me was that grandma still owed me money, so yeah, spring break has been pretty bad so far

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