Monday, February 23, 2009

"The Federal Rules" End User Liscense Agreement

1. You agree to these terms, which may be changed at any time without notice.
2. You agree to accept upon yourself full responsibility for any damage, real or proximate, that may occur through the use of this program.
3. You release the developer and publisher of any and all liability presently, and if any cause of action should arise against the developer through your use of this program, you release the developer from any and all liability at that time.
4. You agree that if any whole or partial portion of the above sections is held to be non-binding by a US court, any prayer for relief you seek will not exceed the amount that you paid for the program.
5. SEVERABILITY - If any part(s) of this agreement is found to be non-binding for any reason by a US court, that part(s) or parts shall be severed from the rest of the agreement which shall remain binding.
6. Jurisdiction and Venue shall lie in either the Northern District of IL, or the County of Cook, IL.

~~End EULA~~

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